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Troubled teens (sometimes called at risk youth, defiant teens, or struggling adolescents) typically make poor life choices like using drugs and alcohol, and becoming defiant or rebellious towards authority. A troubled youth's negative behavior can cause great problems within the family unit. Out of control teens may also create issues with parents, and their teenage behavior issues can influence friends and siblings to follow similar behavior patterns.

Rebellious Teenager
Rebellious teenager behavior is common. However, there are different degrees of being a rebellious teenager, and in some cases, rebellious teenagers can turn into defiant teens. This article compares rebellious teenager vs. defiant teenager.
Teen Drug Treatment
This teen drug treatment article discusses the signs of teen drug abuse, teen drug treatment options, and tips on preventing teen drug abuse. If you suspect your teenager may be using drugs or addicted to drugs you should keep reading for tips on teen drug treatment options.
ADHD in Schools
ADHD in schools may require special attention. ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is a mental disorder in the category “Attention-deficit and disruptive behavior disorders” category. Learn about ADHD in schools, including ADHD meds.
Teen Behavior Modification
Teen behavior modification, behavior therapy, is useful in the treatment of teen behavior problems. Learn about the five main categories of psychotherapy used to assist in teen behavior modification for troubled teens.