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Troubled teens (sometimes called at risk youth, defiant teens, or struggling adolescents) typically make poor life choices like using drugs and alcohol, and becoming defiant or rebellious towards authority. A troubled youth's negative behavior can cause great problems within the family unit. Out of control teens may also create issues with parents, and their teenage behavior issues can influence friends and siblings to follow similar behavior patterns.

At Risk Teen?
At Risk Teen? Most parents don't think their teen could be at risk for destructive or delinquent behavior, but at risk youth are everywhere. There are many at risk teen risk factors. Learn the signs so you can intervene in time to help at risk teens.
Teen Drug Addiction
Teen drug addiction is a serious problem that parents should be well informed about. Whether the addiction is physical, affecting the teen’s body, or psychological, affecting the teen’s mind, it usually requires treatment for teens to overcome a drug addiction.
Teen Anger
Teen anger from troubled teens may show as temper tantrums or even violence. Keep reading for info on why teens get angry, how they express teen anger, and anger danger signs. Teen anger must be dealt with by the teen and their families, learn more here.
Parenting Styles
Parenting styles has recently been a hot topic. Experts differ on their opinions of the best parenting styles. This article offers information on several different parenting styles, allowing you to decide which parenting style works best for you and your family.