Using Drugs?

Is your teenager using drugs? This is a question parents never want to have to answer, but it unfortunately is a reality in many cases. You may wonder yourself if your teen is using drugs, or a concerned friend might ask, is your teenager using drugs? Knowing the signs is a good place to start.

To answer the question, is your teenager using drugs, it is important to know the signs of drug use and how a person behaves and acts when under the influence of a drug or similar substance. While each type of drug comes with its own effects, there are always similarities in behaviors among drug users regardless of the type of substance abuse. Knowing these signs will help parents be able to take action if the situation is a problem and you are able to deduce that your teen is likely doing drugs. 

Signs to Determine if Your Teenager is Using Drugs:

Some of the most obvious signs that your teen is using drugs is often found with changes in personality and behaviors. Many parents notice their once happy child is now a sullen teenager. However, just because your teen is acting more moody than usual doesn't mean they are using drugs. Teens are notorious for undergoing severe hormonal changes and imbalances that take a while to work out and be dealt with by the teen themselves. However, if your teen shows this sign along with some of the others, it could be indication that your teenager is using drugs.

Other signs of teens using drugs include if your teen begins showing signs of disinterest and apathy when it comes to activities they used to enjoy like playing sports, watching movies, etc. Many drugs like LSD and meth have an effect on the brain that causes depression when they are not under the influence of the drug because it inhibits the levels of dopamine that the brain naturally produces for pleasure and enjoyment.  If your child continually wants to hang out with friends, refuses to come home before curfew and spends the entire night away from home without permission, it may be because your teen is using drugs. If your teen is no longer concerned about the consequences of disobeying rules like a set curfew it may because the drugs and the desire to do drugs is becoming more important than their previous sense of responsibility. 

If your teen acts secretive by hiding friends, behaviors as well as things in their room like possible paraphernalia and drugs, then it might be a good indicator that they are doing drugs. Physical symptoms should also be included as a very strong indicator of your teenager using drugs. For example, drug users may exhibit signs of tweaking, shakiness, inability to concentrate or form a coherent sentence. Teens under the influence of drugs also may lose weight rapidly, have red, blood shot eyes and clammy skin. Other obvious behaviors of your teenager using drugs might also be frequent eating binges on junk food and other foods in the house. Having questionable friends is also something parents should be concerned about since most teens only begin doing drugs as a result of peer pressure and wanting to fit in and make friends. 

Prevention and Treatment of Teens Using Drugs:

While one or two of these signs on their own might not indicate anything serious, once your teen begins exhibiting multiple potential signs of possible drug use, it is time to sit your teen down for a serious discussion about the dangers of drug use. In order to best prevent any drug use in the first place, it is vital for parents to have this discussion with their teen before their teen ever even shows any signs of doing drugs. Many teens may not understand that seriousness of drug use. If you find that your teen is addicted to using drugs, it is time to get them treatment. This treatment may be at a rehabilitation center or through private substance abuse therapy. Getting help as soon as possible is the best way to help your teen get back on track and off drugs for good. 


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